We celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday last Saturday at The Food Club in Macapagal Blvd. I am frequent customer here so I already have an idea how fully-booked they are during weekends so I made the reservation 1st week of December just to be sure that we have a place to celebrate my dad’s birthday.

And so my instinct was right. The whole place was jam packed. Good thing I was able to reserve a nice area for us.

Aiza’s Note:

Upon reservation, you are required to make a downpayment of 50% of the total number of seats you want to reserve. The remaining shall be paid on or before the event.


THE FOOD CLUB , Your Lifestyle Buffet

facadefacade 2

table 3table 1

singers 1

Waiters/ Staff singing the Birthday Song complete with guitar, tambourine and maracas

singers 2

Rating:   ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This buffet restaurant is conveniently located in Macapagal Blvd.,  Pasay City, near the Mall of Asia.  The interiors are very classy and spacious enough to hold events.  There are several menus to choose from and the food were replenished right away and really taste good. The service was exemplary despite the number of customers last Saturday.

Buffet starts at 11am and ends by 2pm.



Will I recommend The Food Club for our next event or recommend them to my friends?


BIG YES! Aside from what I have mentioned a while ago, I also appreciate how attentive their Manager, Ms. Novui (I hope I got her name correctly), was. My brother and I were there early to set-up the cake table and souvenirs.  She was very accommodating and made sure that we were assisted properly.  She even asked the staff to bring two extra tables which we can use for the cake and souvenirs.

You can also bring in Suppliers to decorate the venue, just inform them ahead.

For reservations, kindly click here to direct you to their website or contact them on the numbers provided below. Please, check with them the prevailing rates. I am not sure if the one posted in their website is updated because we paid a higher rate. 🙂 Just to be sure.


The Food Club
Mobile: +63 995-4917422
Landline: (02) 779-8673 / 779-8692



This is the second time we booked Colorprints to make our invitation. The first invitation they made for us was for Amber’s Christening. And as expected,  Ms. Pam did not disappoint.

inviinvi 2

We  ordered for the regular flat invitation with white envelope and seal for Php23 each. I just paid an additional Php150 for shipping thru LBC since they are based in Angeles.

Below is their price rates for reference:

regular flat invitation 4.25 x 5.5in (minimum 30pcs)
18 each with white envelope
23 each with colored envelope
28 each with colored envelope and sticker seal

Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

What I love about Colorprints is that they always stay true their words. When they say they will deliver, they definitely deliver no matter how time constraint the situation is. And that is what I really appreciate about them. I commissioned their service on December 15. I asked them if it would be possible that the invitation be delivered to me latest on December 22 so we can distribute them to our relatives come Christmas day.  They did not disappoint.


Will I book Colorprints should we be needing customized invitation for our next event or recommend them to friends?


Definitely, yes! Ms. Pam is my life saver haha!

For inquiries, click here to direct you to their FB Page or contact them thru the numbers or social media account provided below.

Mobile Number : 0999 998 2371




I found them thru Party Plans and Ideas Page. A friend also recommended them and I did not regret getting their service for photo coverage.  Marlo was the one who covered the event. Here is the link of the photos during our event.

Rating:  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

LM Photography 201708 replies fast in their FB account. Marlo was on time and very attentive to my requests. The edited pictures were sent to me thru Dropbox evening of the same day. And I love how all the pictures turned out.


Will I book LM Photography 201708 should we be needing a photo / video coverage  for our next event or recommend them to friends?


Yes! They are very easy to deal with and the pictures were all beautiful. Thank you again Marlo and to the rest of LM Photography 201708 for a good service.

For your photo and video coverage needs, click the link below.

LM Photography 201708
Mobile Number: 0943 499 1808



We usually order our cakes here. I love how moist their cakes are and the fondant is not to sweet. Tita Jocelyn’s cakes are also my life saver. You know, my cramming self haha. Anyway, should you need cakes which are affordable yet the quality is not compromised, contact Tita Jocelyn or her daughter-in-law, Tetet, for your orders. Thank me later 🙂

cakecake 2

We had the cake delivered from Pasig to The Food Club thru Lalamove for only Php164.00 🙂 Not bad, right?

Rating:  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Is being a frequent customer enough proof  that Cakes by Jocelyn Paala is superb? haha


Will I book Cakes by Jocelyn Paala should we be needing a customized cake for our next event or recommend them to friends?


Yes, yes, and yes!!


For quotations, kindly contact them thru :

Jocelyn Paala : Jocelyn Cruz Paala

or thru Tetet Ilagan:
Mobile Number : 09166471467



My dad loves to check shower gels the hotels provide everytime we have staycation  or when we are out of the country. So I thought of giving similar to those as his souvenirs.

I bought our souvenirs at SM Department Store in Mall of Asia. We have three different sets of souvenirs. Inside are shower gels, lotions, sheer butter, salt srub etc.  The guests get to choose which set they like. I just tied each box with a gold ribbon and use the sticker seal, which was supposed to be an envelope seal of his invitation, as his thank you birthday tag haha. Talking about being resourceful eh!

s1cake 2









Dream Big

I have always wanted to be a lawyer since I was younger.  My dream of becoming one had to take a backseat when I was an incoming freshman in College. Our financial status then could not meet our financial demands. Luckily, I  was able to pass the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Scholarship program. It is an academic scholarship wherein you have to take a test given by the DOST and meet the required passing rate.

But passing the scholarship also meant I had to take an Engineering / Technology course. During our time, we were provided, among others, monthly stipend amounting to Php2,200, tuition fee, book allowance and uniform allowance. As long as you meet the required average per end of each semester, you are good. Otherwise, your scholarship shall be put on hold. Which I cannot afford to happen. So I studied, hard I must say. I was able to maintain my GWA higher than the required average.  And after finishing that course, I pursued another one to earn a Degree while working for a government agency.

I can still clearly remember how I cried a river before I signed the scholarship agreement. This is not what I wanted, but for that time-being, I was left with no other choice. It’s either take a different path or not be able to go to College at all.  To pacify my heart-broken inner self, I accepted it as a blessing in disguise. That God sent his helpline just when I needed it most. I will be able to finish college with an academic scholarship and get a job after.   After that, should I still want to go to law school, I would be able to finance myself.

Fastforward. I finished College, still working for the same government agency, got married and now have a super smart 21 month – old baby girl. I almost totally forgot about this dream until a recent incident which certainly rekindled my desire to be a lawyer.

Finally, after years of contemplating – pros and cons, what ifs and buts – I collected my thoughts and told myself, this is it! I have waited for this moment to come for almost a lifetime. I checked on schools and requirements and found out that the Legal Education Board will hold it’s first ever Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhilSAT)  to all aspiring law students before they can be admitted to law schools. An exam aside from the entrance exams given by Universities. My jaw literally dropped . I was like – what the. Seriously?? What a perfect timing! As in now? This year? Huhuhu

So PhilSAT we go! I took the nationwide exam last April 16 at the University of Santo Tomas. It was a 3-hour of “please, somebody take me out of here!” exam.  There are other testing centers nationwide. UST is the venue for Manila. For me, it was difficult and time – pressure(d). After the exam I literally told my parents, I just want to forget about it. hahaha but silently prayed to God that this PhilSAT will determine my future. If I pass, I’ll go to law school. If not, I’ll cross the bridge when I get there. I really don’t know what to do next should I fail.

The result came a day or two earlier that the target release date. And God has really ways of surprising us. My husband was the first one who saw this article from Rappler and informed me that I passed. My heart was screaming with so much happiness.  It was a sigh of relief – truly in God’s own time.


It may have took me several years to finally take that leap of faith. What is important  is that I am now one step closer to finally reaching that dream. I know it will not be easy. Working full-time while studying (full-load) , not to mention my almost 2-year old baby who equally needs time and attention, will never be easy but I will not let this chance slip-off my hands- never again! As long as I have my support group ( husband, daughter, parents, relatives, friends, workmates, bosses, classmates and most especially, our God Almighty) with me, I’ll be fine.

I know there will be some who will raise their eyebrows and will give their unsolicited advice and comments like “You’re already 31, isn’t that too old to enter law school? or you have a child, focus on her, or you won’t be able to make it trust me. You are just wasting your time. ” So I’ll save you from having a heart attack for really wanting to burst my bubble. I only have this to say “No one has the right to say what  is right or wrong or what you should do or not. You are the author of your own story. Live it and create that wonderful ending you have always imagined and longed for! Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there. After all , there is no age limit for those who dream and have plans of making that dream into a reality”

After having said all that, now signing in, Student No 2017xxxxx.  I’ll be officially back to school tomorrow. Hopefully soon, I’ll have my own Roll of Attorney No. 🙂 Dream Big Aiza, dream big!




Foodie in Me : Birdhouse Fried Chicken

Good food need not to be pricey! Birdhouse exactly knows how to deliver that. I chanced upon this restaurant when my friends and I were looking for a place to dine in Uptown Place Mall in BGC. Located at 4th Floor , The Food Hall. One can easily find this place from the entrance beside Harry’s.


There are several sets, or Barnyard as they call it,  to choose from.

R&S - Menu

R&S - Menu

Picture not mine. Grabbed from their website 🙂


I settled for Set C. As for my side dish, I opted for Dirty Rice and Garlic Fries and milky gravy for my sauce.


I could not think of anything else that will match their signature chicken other than Dirty Rice! It has a distinct taste that will make your palate want for more.   Their chicken has its own flavor that sets it at par from the usual “fried chicken” from our favorite fastfood / restaurants.


Their Garlic fries is a must try too. I love how crispy their fries is. Not too oily and the flavor is not too overpowering. And the chicken skin?! It’s super crunchy! It also goes well with the milky gravy.


Hayayay!! I think Birdhouse is a good find for those who are in a budget but want to have a superb meal. You don’t have to break the bank just to have a good and satisfying one. Their Peached Iced Tea might be a little bland but other than that, Birdhouse is a- OK! Go and try it  yourself 🙂


FB Page : Birdhouse
Website : Birdhouse 
Location : 4th Level, The Food Hall, Uptown Mall,
                     9th Avenue corner 35th Street, Uptown Bonifacio,
                     Fort Bonifacio , 1621 Taguig



The season of gift-giving is just around the corner and we wanted to make the gifts we shall be sharing to our loved ones more personalized so we opted to have customized Christmas cards for the Holidays!

I chanced upon Lee and Sons Printing Corporation in Facebook and their products are very nice yet affordable. So I sent them an inquiry right away to avoid the pouring of orders by next month.  I ordered for 60 pieces Chirstmas Gift Tags (3×3) and 30 pieces of Gift Tags (3×3) which we can use on Birthdays and other special events. 🙂 Please click here for  their pricelists. 🙂

I loved how smooth our transaction was. They are very open for suggestions and requests. My orders were all ready for shipment when I noticed a minor error on our surname and they gladly corrected and reprinted them.


Christmas Tags : 60 pcs (Php250) / 30pcs (Php150)


Gift Tags : 30 pcs (Php150)


Should you want to have your tags and card customized, you may contact Lee and Sons printing Corporation through the following:

FB Page : Lee and Sons Printing Corporation


Address: 2838 Aurora Blvd., Sta. Cruz 1003 Manila

Contact Numbers:  7111572 / 7111509


Suppliers Review: Balloons by Frida

Balloons by Frida is an find.  I saw this balloon releasing ceremony from a wedding SDE and I wanted to have the same on my wedding. 🙂

I ordered for 15 metallic blue and 15 metallic pink balloons with 2 heart balloons, each at Php18.00 free delivery if within Manila and cash on delivery .

I love how prompt they were.The balloons were delivered 30 minutes before the ceremony ends.





  • Check if you’re church or venue allows such.
  • Book you’re balloon supplier once you have booked your church or venue. It would be better if your supplier is near your event so the quality of the balloon won’t be compromised.

Rating:  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Will I book Balloons by Frida should we be needing balloons again or recommend them to friends?


Definitely, yes!🙂 I had a very smooth transaction with her.

Balloons by Frida (
Contact No. 09156502713


Suppliers Review: Prestige Maker

Our wedding rings were customized by Bulacan-based  jeweler Prestige Maker. Though they are based in Bulacan, they accept meet-ups in Manila. We had our meetings at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay.

Tita Lyn and her husband are very accommodating. They even shared some bits of information when it comes to choosing your diamonds. Not all diamond-looking thing or with the word diamond are real diamonds. Take note of that. You may be lured with a lower price tag, but if you want a real investment on your bling, opt for the real ones. 🙂

Below is our wedding ring, I opted not to divulge the details 🙂


For inquiries and quotations, you may reach Prestige Maker thru the following FB accounts:

Pres Mak

Prestige Maker

Prestige Maker II

Rating:  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Will I book Prestige Maker should we be needing customized jewelries again or recommend them to friends?


Definitely, yes!🙂 I super love our wedding rings 🙂 Plus the engraving on both rings made them extra special and personalized.

Suppliers Review: Hangers By Hannah

Hangers by Hannah is a W@Wie find. If you want personalized hangers made for you and your soon-to-be husband’s special day, contact Hangers by Hannah!. Lea is very easy to deal with. I ordered a total of 11 customized hangers for me and my twinnies! (If you follow my blog, I have this new found friends who also got married on the same day as ours. We were brought together by that one special date, 12-13-14)

We were lucky enough that there was an ongoing promo by the time we ordered. And Lea was even generous enough to give as additional discounts for the hangers! Isn’t that the most amazing thing in wedding planning? DISCOUNTS!!! hahaha

Rating:  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Will I book Hangers by Hannah should we be needing customized hangers again or recommend them to friends?


Definitely, yes!🙂 The hangers are so cute and with quality.  We are still using the hangers up to present.





Hangers by Hannah
Email :